Vagrant Stomp

by Vagrant Stomp

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released June 19, 2017

Ivy Stump - vocals
Brian Bass - guitar
Tyler Wade - bass
Joe Joe - drums

Produced/recorded by Rob Kingsley at Fuzz Baby Records
Mastered by Mike Kennedy at Vinyl Militia
Artwork by Brian Bass



all rights reserved


Vagrant Stomp Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Track Name: Workhole
hit the snooze button too many times, stuck at the toll counting nickels & dimes. 826 was a parking lot, got pulled over by a fucking cop. hey boss y'know at least I try even if it is just a fucking lie. usually I'm an honest guy, but when I'm here I wanna fuckin' die. sitting at my desk pretending to work, my supervisor's a fucking jerk. so I hide in the bathroom, pretend to shit, wondering why I haven't already quit. sorry man y'know I fuckin' tried, I'm just sick of feeling dead inside. usually I'm a hardworking guy but when I'm here I wanna fuckin' die.
Track Name: Neighbors
woke up still fucked up, hungover on the couch. this asshole's mowing the lawn and the sun ain't even out. quick to call the cops when the party gets a little wild, next time I'll call cops & say he's a fucking pedophile. I can't stand him, always wanting to bitch about his life. just wanna end him, first degree, man I just might. peaking through the blinds before I leave to the store. last thing that I wanna see is this asshole from next door who's always got some lame-ass joke and his breath smells like ass. I swear if he was in front of my car I'd gladly step on the gas. I couldn't stand him, always had to bitch about his life. So I fucking killed him, first degree, I plead guilty.
Track Name: Corridor 24
corridor 24, all the horrors that lie in store for you, and there's nothing you can do. tied down to a bed, are those screams that blast through your head? praying you were dead, lights blinding eyes, surgical knives incise. drilling through the bone into your frontal lobe. lying still awake, your will begins to break. senses start to fail, blood begins to trail. corridor 24, I can't take anymore. criminally insane, you're a number not a name. they microwaved your brain and now you'll never be the same. tap into the mind, erasing a past life. give into the cure, drugs are taking hold. everything went black, reanimate the soul. rebirth of man: a lifeless senseless shell.
Track Name: Man of the Cloth
take advantage of the poor, not enough come back for more. crock o'shit it's a fairy tale, but he knows your soul's for sale. trust in him he knows the way, leads to a brighter day. tells you how to live your life, then gets drunk and beats his wife. see that grinning hyprocite, you know that he's full of shit. holds the book close to his chest to hide the fact his life's a mess. trust him he knows the way, leads to a brighter day, shows you how to live his lie, what a fucking standup guy.